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Portrait of a Graduate

A Portrait of Our Graduates

If you know a tree by its fruit, our most powerful example is our graduates. We exist to unleash a generation of believers shaped by Jesus’ teachings to pursue excellence in all things for His glory, moving toward a hurting world with His grace and mercy.

New Life Academy is proud to produce graduates that are:

Portrait of a Graduate


They will establish a deep, lasting, and intimate connection to God’s being. They will extend the truth and grace of Jesus Christ to all. They will genuinely seek to become a living example of what Jesus prayed, taught and modeled.


They will use and build upon their New Life Academy experience to serve in meaningful ways to challenge contemporary culture and shift our way of being in the world, to change the quality of our relationships with other human beings and with God’s creation, and to elevate society’s desire to embrace God’s true justice, grace, peace and joy.


They will understand that they are God’s masterpiece and that they have been uniquely gifted and motivated to do good works and live with purpose. They will aspire to live lives that are whole and holy, seeking to do the better things God has purposed for them, rather than the temporal things which the world treasures.


They will live life boldly and from a heart that bends outward in love of God and of one another. They will understand that leadership is about how to be and not about power, wealth, or celebrity. They will live out their faith authentically and lead generously as servants.


They will be academically prepared to succeed in their next level of educational or career pursuit. They will persistently build on a rock solid foundation of core knowledge and wisdom, striving for excellence in all things. They will continually seek to learn and grow intellectually, to develop their ability to think critically, to expand their capacity to innovate and problem solve, and to effectively communicate and collaborate with others. They will understand that doing is the completion of knowing.

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Always minded towards paving the way for a brighter future for our students, our academic program will challenge, equip and empower your student in a nurturing environment.