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Developing student athletes with integrity and character

Athletics is a fundamental part of a New Life Academy education. On average, 78 percent of students in grades 6-12 participate in organized sports. Our athletics program stresses personal and team excellence for athletes. Coaches work with students and teams to improve performance and to promote character, leadership and sportsmanship. Athletes develop respect for others, perseverance and tenacity as they work together to achieve a common goal.

Some of life’s most valuable lessons can be learned while playing sports. Winning championships and titles is exciting and instills a sense of pride, but the journey to those achievements is what will leave a lasting effect on students. The commitment, discipline and perseverance learned, the ability to win and lose with humility and grace, the importance of developing individual skills and how they contribute to a team and the joy of competition needed for success – these are all essential life skills, which also reinforce what they learn in the classroom.

Athletic success comes when we honor the Lord when we practice and compete. Yes, we want to win games and matches, but we will do so in a manner that represents and honors the Lord and NLA to the best of our abilities. We want all students to develop not only as athletes but as people during their seasons. Our purpose is to challenge young men and women to grow in their faith, in academics, in their relationships, in their character and as athletes. We want to prepare them for life through athletics.


Jed Moseman

Take the next step and become a student-athlete at New Life Academy.

With plenty of teams to join, your child will have the opportunity to be challenged on the court or field while developing perseverance, tenacity and  sportsmanship