Visual Arts

The New Life Academy Visual Arts program works with student’s interests in the arts and digital media field to further expand their gifts and talents. In this program, our teachers also work with those who have yet to discover where their passions lie to expand their appreciation for the arts. 

Upper School Arts

Upper School art builds upon and refreshes the foundations of Art from Middle School and allows students to begin to build and develop their talents while discovering more about their passions. The goal of all our Upper School art classes is to move students further along in their art journey in whatever medium they work with.

In our Digital Media classes, which include the New Life News, Filmmaking, Photography, and Publications of the yearbook,  students learn real world skills that can be used in college and beyond. All classes are hands on and provide both background and hands on learning. Students from these programs have gone on to the next phases of their lives knowing how to work as a team when running a news program, fix technical issues that may arise, and pursue careers in photography, filmmaking, and digital media as a whole. The skills used and learned in these areas are not only necessary for our ever changing world when it comes to technology, but it provides a leg up in future endeavors.

Some Art Classes Include:
  • Applied Design
  • Digital Photography I and II
  • Film Photography & Printmaking
  • Graphic Design I and II
  • Intro to Filmmaking
  • New Life News
  • Painting & Drawing
  • Publications
  • Sculpture
  • Studio Art

“I’ve been able to use my New Life News knowledge already to fix so many things. I’m incredibly grateful for what the News allowed me to do and become.

Jackson Limberg, class of ’22

Middle School Arts

Middle School art continues to focus on using and understanding the foundations of Art. Using both Art history as well as projects students learn new techniques and skills to help create personal compositions. The goal is to push students to grow in new more complex ways of creating art.

Some Art Classes Include:
  • Studio Art
  • 3D Art
  • Digital Media

Lower School & Early Education Art

Lower School Art focuses on the foundations and processes of art rather than the final product produced. This helps to build and foster creativity in our youngest learners.

Students are exposed to a variety of drawing mediums, subjects, and techniques that help them find an area of art they are not only good at, but that they love. Each class provides an opportunity for hands-on experiences that help students understand and develop their abilities while flexing their problem-solving skills.

We strive to teach our lower school students that God gave each of us an innate need to create and everyone possesses the ability to be an amazing artist!