New Life Academy’s music program offers unique opportunities for students to develop skills and passions while building on a lifestyle of worship. Choir and Band represent two of the ways through which students are encouraged to do this. Music at NLA demonstrates how we can all use our gifts to bring glory to God while learning and developing at an individual and group level.

Choir Opportunities at NLA

Choir inspires students to come together with one another for a shared goal. Within each of our choirs, students have the opportunity to sing various songs from different styles and cultures, read music, develop great vocal techniques, and learn performance skills. Joining a choir is a great way to build relationships with people who have common interests while developing new skills and abilities.

Music is an incredible creative outlet for students. Because of this, NLA offers many ways to engage students musically.

Our Early Ed and Lower School students spend time each week in Music class, growing in both skill and knowledge. 4th and 5th graders are also invited to participate in the Joyful Noise Makers Choir — a voluntary music group that practices weekly before school and sings each week in Lower School Chapel.

Middle and Upper School students are encouraged to take Choir as an elective. Middle School students learn more about music, develop musicianship skills, and work together as a team. Upper School Choir builds on the knowledge and skill from Middle School, encouraging students to inhibit a desire for growth, a positive attitude, excellence in skill performance, and a deeper knowledge of the subject matter. Upper School Choir tours every other year.

Adonai – Adonai is an auditioned choir for 6th–8th grade students that meets before school each week.

Morningstar – Morningstar is an auditioned choir for 9th–12th grade students that meets before school each week. It is a performance-based, ministry-oriented group that performs on campus and locally. Students in Morningstar also tour every year.

Band Opportunities at NLA

Band is such a unique class in that students need to grow individually as well as a group to accomplish the challenges presented to them through their music. Students involved in band get lots of playing opportunities not just in concerts throughout the year, but also playing in pep band or in the orchestra pits for the musicals. It is always our goal for the different bands to glorify God through our performing and practicing. We want to acknowledge that God gave us our ability to play music, and we should honor Him with those gifts.

5th Grade – Each student in 5th grade takes band as a required course. They get to select which instrument to play and spend the year learning how to play, read music, and perform as a group.

Middle & Upper School – Band is offered as an elective in Middle and Upper School. Students develop individual skills while also learning to work with others in an ensemble.

Students interested in music and passionate about playing are given many opportunities to get involved. Some of these opportunities include joining the New Life Academy Pep Band, which performs at Varsity games and school-wide events, or playing in our Orchestra pit for concerts and theater performances throughout the year!

School of Fine Arts

The School of Fine Arts (SOFA) is an extension of the music program at New Life Academy. Through SOFA, students can further develop their creative talents in choral and instrumental music. Lessons are offered conveniently during the day or after school.


School of Fine Arts Director

Cindy Martinson

Check out our SOFA Brochure