An opportunity for every NLA student to discover their identity in Christ by exploring their gifts and interests inspired by the Creator of all things. 

Introducing our Cohorts…

Every incoming high school student is given a series of self-interest assessments to begin the journey to identify where a student can thrive. These interests guide each student to create a proposal of what they would like to learn or create over the course of the year. Each student will be placed into a House of IMPACT. IMPACT Hour provides four Houses: STEM, Humanitarian, Business, and Fine Arts. Each House is equipped with teachers who serve as advisors to give insight on directing each student’s proposed project. 

We believe that it is vitally important for every student to personally explore their interests. This creates experiences that cultivate their God-given abilities and help them discern God’s calling for their lives. This not only helps with selecting a college and career path, but also maximizing their influence on the world for Jesus Christ.

2023 IMPACT Hour Showcase Event:


Consider being an advisor in one of our Houses to help advise students in directing the best steps in their projects.