Middle School at New Life Academy

6th Grade – 8th Grade

Middle school creates mixed emotions for families. You know these years will bring exciting new opportunities for your child, but you may be a little apprehensive about all the changes coming your way. Whether you’re thinking about challenging academics, a more complex social scene, or finding the right balance between schoolwork and extracurricular activities, this is a season of tremendous growth.

Our middle school program is designed to help your student thrive through individual attention, meaningful activities, and a positive Christ-centered community. Keep reading to learn why families choose New Life Academy.

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Developing the whole child

At New Life Academy, we want to see middle schoolers do more than just thrive in the classroom. As this is a season of significant identity development, spiritual and character growth are equally important. We accomplish these goals through:

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Intentional Teachers

Our teachers build confidence in students by showing them that they are valued as individuals. They not only teach but also mentor — guiding students through academic, social, and spiritual challenges as needed.

Community Groups

Students are assigned a same-gender, same-grade small group with a dedicated advisor. Groups meet weekly for relationship-building and life skills training. Students explore different topics in a safe environment that helps prepare them for the next stage of life and introduces them to new interests.

Character Emphasis

Weekly chapels, Bible classes, and character education help students make wise decisions and become good citizens — not only of their school community but also of God’s kingdom.

Pursuit of Continuous Innovation

We know how important it is for students to develop hands-on experience and technical skills. Our STEAM programs and opportunities provide creative and innovative spaces to pursue passions and interests.

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Your middle schooler’s environment matters.

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“What I love about New Life Academy is the community and strong relationships you are able to build here. I’ve met so many great friends, and the teachers truly care about each student beyond just our assignments.”


Project-Based Learning

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The mind of a middle schooler is best engaged through hands-on, project-based lessons. Whenever possible, we allow for collaboration in the classroom, as well as meaningful discussion.

Electives & Clubs

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Theater, outdoor activities, music, skiing, or even robotics — there is no shortage of opportunities for students to develop tangible skills and make new friendships through shared interests.

Christ-Centered Athletics

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With over 40 teams in 13 sports, our athletics program emphasizes teamwork, sportsmanship, and perseverance. Win or lose, students learn to glorify Christ through healthy competition.

A Commitment to Student Safety

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We are located in a suburb of the St. Paul-Minneapolis metro area, just 15 minutes from downtown St. Paul. Our secure campus, check-in process, and home-like environment provide parents with peace of mind.


Preparing for what’s ahead

Middle school students are keenly aware of all that’s ahead in high school and college. We make preparing for these critical years less overwhelming by striking a balance between supporting students and allowing them space to become more independent.


Students become more responsible and build self-esteem because they are given opportunities to be autonomous in their academic, social, and spiritual lives.

Life Skills

We teach subjects like personal finance/money management, appreciation of art and music, technical skills, outdoor education, and more that set students up for successful futures.

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Choice & Voice

Students can tailor their education to their unique interests through involvement in course selection, taking exciting electives, and joining clubs, arts, and athletics.

A Second Home


Middle school students need to feel a sense of belonging, safety, and community. Our campus is set up to make students feel at home and provides daily opportunities to connect with teachers, staff, and other students. Middle schoolers love our coffee shop, a la carte snack options, and common areas designed for quality time. With all grades on one campus, they get to serve as role models to younger students and get a preview of what’s ahead in Upper School.

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