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Since 1977, New Life Academy has partnered with Christian parents to help their children grow in their God-given gifts and develop a love for learning. NLA was founded on the unchanging truths of God’s Word; every aspect of what is taught is done through a Biblical Worldview.

Our school community is made up of Preschool-Grade 12 families. The strong relationships built between students, teachers, and families who love the Lord and desire to be more Christ-like, are what sets our school apart.

At New Life Academy, students begin learning how to live out Jesus’ message from an early age. The tree, a living, organic, growing, and abundant plant, offers a beautifully profound yet simple journey of discipleship at New Life Academy. Discover below how we educate faith-filled, future-ready leaders by reading through our Who We Are, What We Do, How We Do It, and Why We Do It sections.

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Who We Are

New Life Academy was founded with a vision to share God’s Word and the Gospel’s Truth with the next generation.

New Life Academy was founded in 1977 as a ministry of New Life Church to serve the community through Christian Education. Pastor Dick Wiens, his wife Patti, and a handful of other prayerful partners felt called to open a church and school in Woodbury, MN. In January of 1977, a pilot program started with just ten students and two teachers leading to a 22-acre land purchase in 1979 to further the mission of the Church and Academy.  

Since then, New Life Academy has grown in both size and impact through the abundant grace and blessings of God. NLA is now a thriving Early Ed-Grade 12 school, serving more than 775 students with teachers and staff who care for students and point them to the truth of God’s Word.  

Today, parents partner with NLA and their local church to teach what it means to be a Christ-follower and how to live that out in their daily lives. As part of their covenant with our community, NLA requires that at least one parent complies with our statement of faith, agree with our social positions, and commits to actively living them out in their lives. NLA commits to supporting families through unity around the shared beliefs and values of the Christian faith. This partnership is central to who we are as a school.  

What We Do

We must be intentional in the way we educate our youth. We live in a broken world where people are constantly at risk of slipping into culture’s ever-changing beliefs and relative truths. These false ideals, misplaced identities, and cultural lies target the next generation. At New Life Academy, we believe a strong Biblical worldview is foundational to teaching, learning, and flourishing.  

We believe education serves to prepare students to fulfill their God-given purpose in life. As Christian educators, we get the unique opportunity to partner with parents in instructing children according to the Word of God through a Christ-centered community and Biblical values.  

Our Mission Statement

To educate students and help them flourish in a Christ-centered community where they are known, loved, and valued. 

How We Do It

New Life Academy is creating meaningful relationships with children and families to develop the next generation’s hearts, minds, and characters to be grounded in Biblical truth. This is our daily goal inside and outside the classroom.

NLA operates with a Christian Education approach to teaching students. This means that Biblical wisdom is integrated in every aspect of learning so our students can develop according to their specific abilities while being empowered to live a life characterized by love, trust, and obedience to Christ. Our distinctives help demonstrate how we do that in each aspect of the Academy.

Our school is committed to providing Christian education to as many families as possible. As we look ahead, our established five-year strategic plan (2021-2025) serves as a guide to propel our staff and community forward to achieve our goals through four strategic pillars: Belong, Believe, Become, and Build.

Our Distinctives

Why We Do It

We understand the importance of preparing students to be ready for life academically, emotionally, and spiritually. At New Life Academy, we come alongside parents to help set students up for success. Our educational philosophy establishes an intentional journey to encourage students into personal relationships with God and cultivate environments where they can experience His presence. When our graduates have an authentic relationship with Christ, a strong Biblical worldview, and the ability to combine knowledge and skills with compassion and empathy, they are best equipped to face the world ahead.

Creating faith-filled, future-ready leaders is something that NLA’s leadership and teachers are passionate about. Our Portrait of a Graduate explains the leaders we graduate each year and the ways in which we educate and prepare them to make an influence in this world for Jesus!

Our Vision Statement

To educate faith-filled, future-ready leaders that will influence the world for Jesus Christ.​