Kindergarten – 5th Grade


A teacher stands by students discussion a lesson with students seated at desks.

During the formative years of Kindergarten through fifth grade, children need to build strong foundations for all the learning and life ahead. As a parent, you know that their environment will influence academic progress, social development, spiritual growth, and so much more. Everything we do in the Lower School at New Life Academy is designed to help students reach their God-given potential, and we look forward to sharing more about how we accomplish this.

At New Life, we understand that students are uniquely created with different learning styles. Because our class sizes are kept small, we can differentiate learning to meet students where they are. Our intimate classroom environment ensures all children are known, loved, and valued.

Biblical principles are integrated into everything we do, so students feel strongly aligned with their home, church, and school. This consistency builds strong character, equipping students to grow in their faith, and eventually allowing them to communicate their beliefs in an ever-changing world.

We believe that elementary-age children learn best in a strong community with involved parents, and we prioritize that. Annual events, the buddy program, schoolwide assemblies, and traditions such as spirit week create a vibrant atmosphere where students get to interact with other grades and feel a sense of belonging.

A Place Where Your Child Will Thrive

Learn more about how New Life Academy can meet your child’s needs. Your e-book will also include information on extracurricular activities, how teachers mentor students, and how your child will grow in faith.

Lower School Programs

Our school day begins at 8:05 AM and ends at 3:00 PM. We also offer before and after-school care to meet your family’s needs!

Academy Adventures
(morning care)

Begins at 7:00 AM

Available at no charge

Extended Care

Runs from 3–5:30 PM

An additional fee applies.

We love the atmosphere and connections we’ve made at New Life Academy. Our expectations have been exceeded. We look forward to growing with NLA and sharing it with others.”

Words from a New Life Academy Parent


A Strong Academic Foundation

Our experienced teachers utilize different learning approaches, such as project-based learning, whole and small group instruction, and hands-on learning, to keep lower school students active and engaged. This approach fosters positive attitudes toward learning and allows for greater collaboration among peers. Every day allows students to explore with their senses, ask questions, and make meaningful connections between subject matter.

At the Lower School level, core skills are developed in:

  • Bible
  • Math
  • Reading
  • Science
  • Social Studies
  • Writing

Meet a Teacher

“I absolutely love teaching. Working with students means that every day is a brand-new experience. I love the energy and excitement my students bring to the classroom each day. I am always looking for new ways to make learning exciting and engaging for them. I don’t ever want to be a boring teacher and do things the same way year after year. I want to continue to learn and grow as an educator so that my last year of teaching is my best year.”

Laurie Dahlen

See for Yourself!

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