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  • "High quality teachers with a passion for what they do and a passion for Christ."
  • "My teachers were all role models and have shaped me to be the person I am today."
  • "NLA has exceeded what we had hoped for in every way."
  • "I can't believe we have this ‘gem’ of a school in our backyard."
  • "We knew coming in that NLA was a fantastic school, but our expectations have been far exceeded."
  • "Once again I am reminded of how different it is at NLA from many other schools."
This is my life
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    "God showed me that He can work in anyone, even and especially in younger people like us. God means so much more to me now. He is the ONLY reason I live today, and my only purpose in life is to serve Him."

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    "I didn’t see Him or feel Him there for me when I was in that moment of rock bottom. I thought I was alone and that no one loved me. But when I look back on it now I can totally see how God was there the whole time and how he was working in my life then and using things step by step to draw me back to Him. If I hadn’t come to New Life I don’t know where I’d be."

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    “New Life Academy prepared me well for college and my internship. The teachers encouraged discussion and invited us to ask questions. I felt they really wanted us to know and understand the course work. They didn’t just want us to learn it for a test. They had high expectations of us. MIT was not overwhelming because I had developed good study habits and test-taking strategies."

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  • What's the Difference Between a Christian School and a Charter School?

    Your child’s education may be the most important investment you make in your life. Thankfully, the Twin Cities has no shortage of excellent schools to choose from; however, the abundance of choices may make your choice even more difficult.

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  • Innovative Learning through STEM-Inspired Maker Spaces at NLA

    Maker Spaces offer access to unique technology and materials, creating an ideal environment for innovation and invention. Resources made available in Maker Spaces are based on student interest but typically include trade-specific technology like video and sound production, 3D printers, Lego Robotics, drafting equipment, circuit equipment, art and craft materials, or digital animation software.

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  • Senior Trip: An Example of Community at New Life Academy

    Community is a cornerstone of life at New Life Academy, so relationships are among the most important gifts each student leaves with. Each year, the senior class enjoys fellowship one last time as a community before parting ways for graduation during its senior trip to Estes Park, Colorado. This year marks NLA’s thirty-first annual Senior Trip.

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  • Graduation at NLA

    In its very nature, New Life Academy is set apart from other schools. We make it our mission to educate and energize future generations to impact their world for Jesus Christ, teaching students to use their God-given abilities in their communities and beyond. Hosted in an intimate setting on a Sunday afternoon, NLA’s graduation ceremony is designed to both glorify God and reflect the values we have instilled in our students through their experiences at New Life.

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  • Just BE It

    A poster in my high school locker room said something like this: “Adversity doesn’t build character, it reveals it.” As I’ve experienced challenges in my own life, I’ve thought a lot about this old poster, and I really believe the concept has Biblical roots. Jesus desperately wants our hearts, not just our actions—He spoke this in the Gospels and demonstrated it in His ministry.

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  • Northwoods Adventure & Auction Raises More Than $280,000!

    Over 460 attendees and 23 sponsors raised more than $278,000 for Academy Students on Saturday, April 11 during the Auction. Thank you, NLA community, for your caring and generosity.

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Mon Oct 12

Road to College - Grade 11

TBD 6:00pm - 8:00pm
Wed Oct 14

PSAT Testing - Grade 11

TBD 8:00am - 12:00pm
Thu Oct 15

School in Session (No Bussing Day in AM/PM)

End of Quarter 1

Fri Oct 16

Teacher Workshop - No School

Mon Oct 19

Quarter 2 Begins

NHS Induction

Worship Center 6:00pm
Wed Oct 21

National College Fair - Grade 11

Minneapolis Convention Center 8:00am - 12:00pm
Fri Nov 06

Fall Drama - 1st Weekend

Thru: 11/8/2015