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  • "High quality teachers with a passion for what they do and a passion for Christ."
  • "My teachers were all role models and have shaped me to be the person I am today."
  • "NLA has exceeded what we had hoped for in every way."
  • "I can't believe we have this ‘gem’ of a school in our backyard."
  • "We knew coming in that NLA was a fantastic school, but our expectations have been far exceeded."
  • "Once again I am reminded of how different it is at NLA from many other schools."
This is my life
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    "God showed me that He can work in anyone, even and especially in younger people like us. God means so much more to me now. He is the ONLY reason I live today, and my only purpose in life is to serve Him."

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    "I didn’t see Him or feel Him there for me when I was in that moment of rock bottom. I thought I was alone and that no one loved me. But when I look back on it now I can totally see how God was there the whole time and how he was working in my life then and using things step by step to draw me back to Him. If I hadn’t come to New Life I don’t know where I’d be."

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    “New Life Academy prepared me well for college and my internship. The teachers encouraged discussion and invited us to ask questions. I felt they really wanted us to know and understand the course work. They didn’t just want us to learn it for a test. They had high expectations of us. MIT was not overwhelming because I had developed good study habits and test-taking strategies."

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  • JV Baseball Game Postponed

    The JV Baseball game this evening is postponed to a later date due to inclement weather.

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  • Tonbandgerät: Secondary German Field Trip

    Mrs. Landby and her German students went on a field trip on March 19th to the Tonbandgerät concert on their tour in the US. The students studied the lyrics in both German and English, which helped them with their German vocabulary and grammar.

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  • Red, White & You Auction raises over $203,150!

    Over 430 attendees and 23 sponsors raised $203,150 for Academy Students on Saturday, April 5 during the Auction. Thank you NLA community for your caring and generosity.

  • Register for the Buy a Coffee, Buy a Well 5K!

    Save the Date! Buy a Coffee, Buy a Well is holding a 5K on Saturday, May 10th as a fundraiser to help reach their goal of building a well this year. The race starts at NLA and all ages are welcome, so tell your friends and family!

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  • NLA One Act Team Performs "The Long Christmas Dinner"

    This year’s One Act play was named and based on the “The Long Christmas Dinner,” which was written by Thornton Wilder in 1931. The play itself takes place in Bayard (which is one of the family member’s dining room) for an entirety of 90 years. In reality, the play takes thirty minutes, but in the play, the timing lasts much longer.

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  • Student Musicians Participate in Honors Band

    On January 18, 2014, the Minnesota Band Directors Association South East Regions held an Honors Band performance for select musicians. Honors band is a hand-picked group of students made up from 40 schools across the southern region of Minnesota.

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