Jolene Jensen: Unleashing Creativity

Genesis 1:27 says, “So God created man in His own image; in the image of God He created him; male and female He created them.” Creativity lives within us all because we were made in the image of a creative God.

Everyone has creativity in them, and I love to see how that comes out in each student. Art is such an easy catalyst for showing students who God is and how he made us.

Mrs. Jensen

Early Ed and Lower School Art teacher at New Life, Jolene Jensen, is an incredible example of trusting in God’s plan. Though she began her career in dental hygiene and insurance, Mrs. Jensen always had a heart for teaching. During the pandemic, she joined the team at New Life Academy as a long-term substitute Spanish teacher. Soon after, she stepped into her current role as our Early Ed and Lower School Art Teacher.

“Being creative and helping kids unleash their creativity is something I never saw myself doing but God’s plans are way better than anything we could ever plan, and He provided this wonderful opportunity for me to thrive in!” shared Mrs. Jensen.

Teaching a “special” at NLA means that Mrs. Jensen gets to instruct, encourage, and care for every single student from Preschool Prep through 5th grade. She explained that the amount of work and repetition can be overwhelming at times, but she has been able to clearly see God’s hand at work every single day.

“I love that I get to teach every single student and watch them grow and develop throughout the years. It is so much fun to see them use techniques learned in previous years and apply them in current projects going on in the art room,” shared Mrs. Jensen.

If you step into Mrs. Jensen’s classroom at NLA or walk the Lower School and Early Ed hallways, you’ll get to see all that creativity on display. As a hands-on teacher, Mrs. Jensen is incredibly intentional about meeting students where they are at and showing them the value of persistence. Rather than telling them how to be creative, she fosters an atmosphere that allows students to explore new materials and techniques that feel best for them. She explained that students often approach projects thinking they are impossible to achieve.

“Eventually, with time, effort, and a “can-do” attitude they accomplish far more than what they thought possible. The end result is always the goal, but the process is actually where the true magic happens,” shared Mrs. Jensen.

This looks different for every student, and that is something that Mrs. Jensen purposefully embraces.

“Our individual art pieces are a true picture of how God created us as individual beings with our very own unique style. He didn’t create us to be just like the person next to us, our unique style is what sets us apart and makes us who we are therefore our artwork should look different and represent that uniqueness,” explained Mrs. Jensen.

This approach to learning helps students feel known, loved, and valued within the classroom. They are able to grow not just in their artistic abilities, but in their character, relationships, and walk with the Lord.

“My main goal as a teacher is to help each student see who it is that God made them to be,” shared Mrs. Jensen.

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