What’s the Difference Between a Christian School and a Charter School?

Your child’s education may be the most important investment you make in your life. In choosing a school for your children, you commit them to an environment where their minds and hearts will be shaped for the rest of their lives. Thankfully, the Twin Cities has no shortage of excellent schools to choose from; however, the abundance of choices may make your choice even more difficult.

The first step to choosing a school for your child is knowing your options. Woodbury and the surrounding area is home to private schools like New Life Academy as well as public and charter schools. Both public and charter schools are funded by the state, but charter schools are offered more freedom in operations in exchange for higher academic accountability. Though the programs and approaches of charter schools are typically innovative, they are still publicly funded and subject to the same policies and procedures as traditional public schools.

Evidence shows many charter schools produce academically advanced students, but like any public school, the environment is never morally neutral. Students will either be influenced toward living Biblically or away from it. Public schools and their charter counterparts miss the most important piece: the example of Jesus in daily life.

Only a private, Christian school is free to incorporate Biblical values in its teachings and curriculum. As a Christian parent, what legacy do you want to gift to your children? The choice of a private Christian school ensures your child will experience the academic rigor and curriculum of the best public, charter, and magnet schools through the filter of God’s Word.

At New Life Academy, we are dedicated to maintaining the highest quality of education, always pursuing academic excellence –but never for the sole purpose of academia itself. We desire to see our students’ lives changed through the knowledge of Jesus, empowered for life and leadership in years to come. Choosing a Christian school is not about protecting your children from the influences of the outside world, but rather about preparing them for it—nourishing them to use their gifts and their lives for Jesus in a hurting world.