Mr. Steinkamp Leaves a Legacy

by Journalism student Derrick M.

In his short tenure at New Life Academy, Mr. Karl Steinkamp leaves a huge impact that will be appreciated for years to come. Steinkamp served as head of a school in Malaysia for over 17 years before deciding to come to New Life Academy, which was driven by his dedication to his family and his belief in New Life’s mission.

Advancement Director Larry Chinn, who was a close friend of Mr. Steinkamp, reflects on their friendship that was built from shared humor and a strong work ethic. “We enjoyed having fun together. We like to joke around, and it was cool to be able to work together,” Mr. Chinn said. Their friendship was more than being coworkers, though. They shared many experiences together, such as going to movies together every Thursday in Malaysia.

Mr. Steinkamp’s decision to come to New Life Academy as the head of school was not only to be closer to his family, but he had deep admiration for New Life’s vision. Mr. Chinn says, “He stumbled across New Life looking for a head of school and heard about the school’s growth and its alignment with his values.” This was a great fit for both New Life Academy and Mr. Steinkamp because it brought Steinkamp’s experience and innovation to a community that was growing in Christ.

Mr. Steinkamp & Mr. Chinn

Throughout his time at a school in Malaysia, Mr. Steinkamp emphasized integrity and personal growth. Mr. Chinn stated, “He wanted students to have their faith deeply grounded, preparing them for the world.” Mr. Steinkamp’s commitment to growth was shown in his efforts in implementing programs at New Life such as Teaching For Transformation, which was designed to enrich students’ worldview integration.

Mr. Chinn also reflected on Mr. Steinkamp and his support during a challenging period in his life. Mr. Steinkamp’s guidance, empathy, and assistance helped him navigate the situation with grace and dignity. “He encouraged me and shared his own life experiences, helping us move forward,” Mr. Chinn said. 

Mr. Steinkamp valued a lot of things in life and had a positive and lasting impact on the New Life community. Mr. Chinn says, “He valued education, honesty, and integrity. His family was very important to him.” As a huge advocate for education and a strong Christian, Mr. Steinkamp’s life will continue to inspire and motivate others and will also leave a legacy in the hearts of everyone who had the privilege to know him. 

He was a man of integrity and always wanted to do what’s right.

Mr. Chinn