Meet Dawn Kroohn, 3rd Grade Teacher, nominated for the 2019’s Woodbury Educator of the Year Award

Mrs. Dawn Kroohn has taught 3rd grade at New Life Academy for seven years. In a lot of ways, New Life Academy has become an extension of her home, and the people here are like family to her. “This has become more clear as I’ve watched my sons grow up under instruction and care of many godly role models who work here. While I love the beautiful campus, it’s the people here who inspire me to work hard every day. They are what I love most about this school.”

Mrs. Kroohn draws on her diverse background to inspire her teaching. She spent many summers at North Central’s Camp Cherith learning the importance of engaging young students by keeping things fun. Mrs. Kroohn’s experience teaching in Egypt also taught her how to adapt and be flexible and to stay focused on what really matters.

This dedication and experience is being recognized by the community now that she’s been chosen as one of four educator finalists for Woodbury’s Teacher of the Year Award.

Mrs. Kroohn chose to work at New Life Academy because of its vibrant and Christ-centered community filled with dedicated staff. “The best thing about teaching at New Life Academy is the freedom I have to share Jesus with students and families. I treasure the blessing of being able to speak Biblical Truth to the heart of a child, to stop and pray with others, and to work with people who are united in Biblical mission. I also love watching my students grow in understanding and confidence after persevering through tough lessons.”

Mrs. Kroohn’s wholehearted dedication to New Life Academy and her students is evident in all that she does. One thing she prays her students will gain from having her as a teacher is that “they would become brave and resilient learners who are eager to discover God’s calling in each of their lives.” We are so grateful Mrs. Kroohn and her family call New Life Academy home.