Strategic Plan


Our children are our future. As Christian educators, we partner with parents in the spiritual formation and development of a Biblical worldview in the next generation. Our philosophy is based on Kingdom Education, which is a partnership between the home, school, and church with the express purpose of leading a child into a new identity in Christ. We have committed to these pillars and priorities over the next 5 years.


We will sustain, strengthen, and expand our Christ-centered community.

Strategic Priorities

  • NLA is Christ-Centered community where you are known, loved, and valued
  • NLA provides a safe & caring environment that nurtures each student.

Strategic Objectives

  • Operationalize a plan to further strengthen our Christ-centered community so that all students, families, faculty, staff, leadership, and alumni are known, loved, and valued at NLA.
  • Establish and fully implement best practices for the hiring, discipling, and retention of the highest quality, faith-filled and missionally-aligned faculty, staff, and leaders.
  • Partner with parents to build and implement a measurably differential student/family experience at NLA that is safe, as well as cares for and nurtures each student.

Strategic Priorities

  • NLA provides Kingdom education rooted in the truth of the Bible to fortify a Christian worldview.

Strategic Objectives

  • Implement a comprehensive NLA Kingdom Education model and establish it as a key NLA distinctive.
  • Ensure that the building of a Christ-centered Biblical Worldview in students is a central and measurable outcome of all NLA Kingdom Education.


We will prepare faith-filled students to live out, defend and share their belief in Jesus Christ.


We will educate our students to become future-ready through our outstanding academic experience.

Strategic Priorities

  • NLA provides an outstanding academic experience that prepares students to be college and future-ready.
  • NLA provides extracurriculars that allow your child to explore their interests & pursue their passions.

Strategic Objectives

  • Launch a multi-faceted NLA Academic Ecosystem to provide students with the skills and mindset they need to be future-ready graduates.
  • Design and incorporate alternate tracks such as technical, skilled trades and missions into the NLA Academic Ecosystem.
  • Institute a portfolio of outstanding extracurricular experiences for students that will challenge each student to explore their interests and pursue their passions, especially in the areas of arts, athletics, and STEM.

Strategic Priorities

  • NLA will grow enrollment within our current four walls while also pursuing new growth opportunities, strategies and models for delivery of Kingdom Education
  • NLA will preserve our school for the long-term by ensuring financial and operational strength while increasing accessibility to a Kingdom Education for more families.

Strategic Objectives

  • Grow current in-class K-12 enrollment to targeted capacity levels.
  • Identify, develop, and pilot multiple innovative opportunities to grow NLA’s ministry and create new sources of revenue or business models.
  • Identify, codify and implement a long-term strategic financial planning model that will deliver stability and improved financial accessibility.
  • Identify and implement a best practice long-term advancement model for development that provides the philanthropic resources required to carry out the strategic plan and the operations of NLA.


We will build NLA to sustain and grow over the long-term via financial strength, operational efficiency, innovation, and accessibility.