Why Matthew, Class of 2010, chose New Life for his own children

Matthew Brocker, Class of 2010 

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Matthew Brocker is a New Life alumni from 2010. With nine kids in his family, he and his siblings have attended New Life for going on 20 years. Now his child is enrolled at New Life and the legacy continues. Matthew started at New Life in first grade and continued until graduation as a senior. He remembers fondly the time he spent at New Life.Attending New Life played such a huge part in shaping me. New Life was able to provide me with a solid framework of the Bible and, more importantly, the corresponding application of truth,” said Matthew. My teachers at New Life poured into me so intentionally that I can now comfortably pick up the Bible and address most issues in my day-to-day with an understanding of how Christ would have me act and move forward. 

Matthew began playing football his junior year, the year New Life got their own football team for the first time. He had never joined before because of nervousness and fear of making a fool of himself at tryouts. As a junior in high school, what did I have to lose? I joined up, and it was a lot of fun as it turns out. I made a lot of good memories with some solid people,” said Matthew. It’s something that I wouldn’t have done, had I not been given the opportunity here. You don’t go out your junior year at Woodbury High School and get to start and play. Matthew recalls football and other extracurriculars as some of his favorite memories looking back at the time he spent at New Life.  

After New Life, Matthew decided to attend Bethel University. He graduated in 2014 with his B.A. in Business with an emphasis in Finance and Accounting. He’s studying right now to get his Masters of Financial Services (MSFS). 

He currently works for Legacy Wealth in wealth management, helping clients prepare and navigate their working and retirement years most effectively. I love that I’m able to do this all with a focus on our role as stewards of the resources Christ has entrusted to us,” said Matthew. “I am blessed to be able to come alongside my clients and help them discern the most appropriate path financially as well as from a perspective of faith. 

He and his wife, Tianna, made the decision to send their kids to New Life because of the experience Matthew had as a student. Matthew and Tianna discussed the tradeoffs between public and private school. He had heard that children need between 5-10 other adults in their lives who will pour into them and help shape who they will become. While family, church and small groups can help to provide those influences, Matthew found several of his mentors at New Life. I want to provide my children with every opportunity to have Godly influence and be affirmed in their faith, and I know that they will receive this here,” said Matthew. Education is so important, and I believe that New Life excels in this area, but what’s even more critical is the relationship that Tristan and Maisie will foster with their Creator. 

Matthew appreciates the foundation New Life established when he was growing up. “I think what impacted me the most is probably just the worldview that New Life gave me. There are a lot of defining moments in my faith that sculpted me,” said Matthew. It’s challenging looking back and trying to pinpoint what prepared me most for my career and life after New Life because I look at it, and I simply know my experience. And my experience allowed me to be formed into what I believe is the person God created me to be.” Matthew is grateful to have the opportunity to pass on a similar experience to his kids at New Life.