Elaina is thankful for teachers who really care about students

Growing up hasn’t always been easy for Elaina. There have been challenging times and heartbreaking situations. But she has been surrounded by friends and teachers at New Life Academy that care for her and have helped her navigate through hard things

The teachers have prayed with her through the tears and have helped her open up when she struggles. She’s learned that it is okay to not be okay sometimes. And to let others support her in tough times. Teachers that have shown her Christ-like lave made her realize that there are people who care about her more than she realizes.

“I am thankful that teachers really care about all students here. It can be hard for teachers to share their free time with students when they have a thousand things to grade. But they always take the time to help us when we ask questions or are seeking advice in relationships, school, or home life. They are the kind of adults that I strive to be. Without the teachers at NLA, I feel like I would be lost and wouldn’t know what to do with life. They set great examples for younger and older kids in the way they act, treat others, and live in a Christ-like manner.” – says Elaina, Class of 2021.

Through all of life’s challenges, her faith has deepened and she has developed incredible resilience.  Now that she is in high school, Elaina has joined many extracurriculars, which have strengthened her confidence and challenged her step out of her comfort zone. She currently plays piano, is in band, is on the cheerleading team, and has been involved in theatre. She continues to find a supportive community with the students, coaches, and directors all encouraging her as she steps into new roles and explores her interests.

Most recently, she joined the Lead Ambassador and student leadership group, LEAD 4:12. She is excited to be able to develop her leadership skills through these programs, which focus on serving others and making a positive difference in the school community. Her personal experience of having a supportive network of friends and teachers to rely on drives her to do the same for others. She wants to be able to serve younger students and show them she cares in hopes that may one day her influence will be what another student needs to get through challenges.

Elaina thinks New Life Academy is a Great Place to Be. It has played a large role in developing her into the amazing young adult. If this sounds like a community you would like to belong to, you are invited to schedule a visit to see the difference for yourself.