The story behind the organizer of International Club

Mrs. Rupp is an English Language Learner (ELL) teacher at New Life Academy in Woodbury as well as the International club organizer. We spoke with Mrs. Rupp recently on her passion to serve International Students.

“The Lord led us to NLA and stirred our heart in serving international students at New Life Academy.” Mrs. Rupp was Born in England, she married Mr. Rupp and moved to Minnesota in 2000. When she first came to the US, the environment, culture and everything was different. Experiencing this allowed her to understand how the international students feel when they first come here, so she started organizing some activities to help students adapt to the new environment.

One example, Mrs. Rupp organized a scavenger hunt field trip in Target, the purpose of it was to help the new international students learn how to find and buy the things they need for school and living. This activity has encouraged the international students and American students to be connected and work together. Mrs. Rupp talked about her future thoughts about the club at the end of the interview, “I would love to see the international and American kids join the activities, be friends with each other, they can share the different cultures. No matter where everybody is come from, we are all brothers and sisters in God’s family.”

Article by Nancy W, New Life Academy Student