Polly Gill: Joy, Love, Optimism

“First graders remind me every day what it’s like to have child-like faith and wonder. Children are eager to learn about the world! I love coming alongside them and helping them grow. Their joy, curiosity, honesty, and love make every day an adventure.” – Ms. Gill

Polly Gill joined our New Life team in August of 2021, and since then, she has been a true blessing to our community and her class of first graders. Her commitment to their growth, both academically and spiritually, is a testament to the Lord’s work in her life and at this school.

Ms. Gill discovered New Life through her niece, who is enrolled as a 3rd grader. After hearing stories and visiting campus, she realized that it was a place she wanted to be. She recognized the importance of a Christian education and shared that it is not solely about the academic side of things. Rather, it is the opportunity to demonstrate truths that are found in the Word of God. She continued, “We can be confident that the Word of God does not ‘return void.’ As we teach Bible stories and talk about Christian values, we can trust the Lord to work in that student’s life.”

Having taught at NLA for the past semester, Ms. Gill has experienced so many memorable moments. She loves seeing how funny her first graders are and how creative they can get with simple things around the classroom. “These moments are special because of their joy and contentment,” she noted.

In her own life, she focuses on the importance of staying organized and finding opportunities to rest and re-energize. These are choices she makes to better serve her students and be the best teacher she can be.

When asked how she wants her students to remember her, she shared, “I hope they remember me as being joyful, loving, and optimistic.” We know they will!