NLA Theatre: Creating for our Creator

Students gain an abundance of knowledge in the classroom, but it’s often the experiences beyond normal day-to-day that prove to be transformational. One of these outlets at New Life Academy is theatre.

Each year, NLA’s Theatre Department puts on incredible productions that create new worlds and tell important stories. Beyond the final product the audience gets to see, theatre at NLA has a much greater impact. It strengthens community, builds confidence, and offers a place for students to grow emotionally and spiritually– whether that’s on stage or behind the scenes (backstage, tech, music, and makeup).

Broadly, theatre develops work ethic and emotional intelligence while teaching students how to effectively work as a team. As a Christian school, we get to utilize theatre for even more than that.

Whether someone chooses to go into theatre professionally or not, the art form teaches students and adults alike what it is to be the body of Christ. Each part needs one another for every show to take place.”

Janette Bach – Director, US English Teacher, & Head of Drama Department

Our fall musical provides a great example of how our Theatre Department serves a bigger purpose. The Hunchback of Notre Dame is set in Paris in 1482 and tells the story of Quasimodo, a man who has been cast out by society, finding sanctuary within the walls of the Notre Dame Cathedral.

The Hunchback of Notre Dame addresses some heavier topics that offer valuable life lessons for students. During the rehearsal process, directors Mrs. Bach and Ms. Allen invited members of NLA’s Bible Department to help lead devotions with the cast, speaking to prominent themes in the show.

Ms. Olson, our Middle School Bible teacher, shared, “My devotion focused on how we can honestly admit to temptation and avoid blaming others for moments of temptation. Our response to life’s circumstances is our responsibility.” She continued, “Honesty is the road to redemption and freedom. The conviction of the Holy Spirit can guide us to freedom and repentance and ultimately to great joy in Christ.”

Another theme within this musical is the idea of sanctuary. The audience sees how God’s dwelling place is corrupted by our fallen world. “It is no longer a sanctuary to protect, minister to, and restore all people, but instead a broken vessel here on earth,” explained directors Mrs. Bach and Ms. Allen.

Through this musical the students and audience learn God’s purpose for His Church. “We, as Christians, are called to create a sanctuary for the outcasts – the very people who Jesus came to save,” emphasized Mrs. Bach and Ms. Allen.

The hope is that through theatre, students and families can learn more about themselves, their Creator, and the world around them. The theatre community at NLA is a space where students are able to be fully themselves as they explore who God created them to be.

We’ve been given the gift of creating by our Creator, and our hope is that as students create, both them and their audiences will take away renewed perspectives that challenge how they understand and relate to God and one another.”

Carly Allen – Director & US English Teacher

We love offering opportunities, such as theatre, for students to explore their passions and supporting them with Biblical Truth in the process.

Don’t miss your chance to see The Hunchback of Notre Dame in the final weekend of performances!

November 10th and 11th at 7:00 pm

November 12th at 2:00 pm