NLA student attends 2017 Young Investigators’ Summer Program in Nuclear Technology.

Justin H. is passionate about math and science. He is currently pursuing a college and career track that would involve both subject matters. His desire to go into a Nuclear Engineer career led him to the 2017 Young Investigators’ Summer Program in Nuclear Technology at NC State University. 

Justin spent 3 weeks at NC State in lectures, speaking with professors, participating in industry site visits and working on a group research project. There were 21 High School students that participated in the summer program, which were further broken into 3 groups based on topic. Justin’s group was charged with designing a probe that would measure power levels of a nuclear reactor. This involved learning proper wiring techniques and selecting the appropriate photosensor that would be compatible with their probe design. At the end of the program, each group presented their research.

Justin plans to incorporate Nuclear Engineering into his 15% IP program this year and appreciates the opportunity to explore his interests during his coursework. For college, he is interested in NC State, MIT, Polytechnic, Texas A&M and Georgia Tech.

Congratulations Justin. We know you’ll achieve great things!