NLA Bible Teacher, Brian Schrader, Receives his 2nd Doctorate

NLA Bible teacher Brian Schrader recently received his second Doctorate from Christian Leadership University. With a Master’s degree in Biblical Counseling and Doctorates in both Youth Ministry and Theology, Schrader is able to forge meaningful connections with his students, empowering them to use their gifts and abilities for God. 

Prior to teaching at New Life, Dr. Schrader worked in youth ministry. He realized after a few months of subbing at New Life in 2006 that his passion for teaching the Bible to youth was best utilized in a classroom context at a Christian school. He has taught full-time at NLA since 2007 and currently teaches Freshman Bible Survey courses and upper-level Bible electives including Daniel, Introduction to Ministry, and Bible Capstone.

Schrader believes his Theology doctorate, though recent, has already positively affected his teaching strategy. His dissertation, “A Deeper Life: A Journey to the Heart of the Modern Day Teenager,” explores the challenges of connecting with a generation of youth often distracted by electronics.

“My dissertation research has already changed how I teach,” he said. “I’m able to identify how to break down the wall teenagers put up. I teach what the Bible says and help them read and study it for themselves.”

At the core of Schrader’s advanced academic pursuits is also a desire for academic rigor in his personal life and in his classes.

“I’m someone who’s always learning. Every year, I face students who know more than I ever thought they would,” he said. “I want to be able to challenge them.”

Becky Wallerick, New Life’s Academic Dean, believes the combination of Schrader’s degrees make his classroom a powerful setting for learning: “Dr. Schrader has the perfect blend of doctorates for working in a Christian school and the knowledge base to engage students in higher-order thinking.”

Craig Butler, who teaches science, is another teacher at NLA who holds a doctorate degree.