New Life Academy’s ASCI Certification

One of the many ways that New Life Academy emphasizes excellence in education is through accreditation. NLA is dually accredited through Cognia, which ensures high academic standards, and the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI), which strengthens Christian schools and equips Christian educators.

In October of 2023, New Life Academy went through an extensive re-certification process that included the creation of a detailed self-assessment report and a three-day on-campus examination of the school with administrative leaders from other Christian schools. A report was created and submitted to the official ACSI review committee. We are thrilled to share that NLA has been granted re-certification for the next six years! The visiting team of administrative members was blown away by the offerings that are available to students, the commitment from the staff and faculty, and the heart of the community. Thank you for partnering with NLA to make our Christian school an academy of excellence!

Read below to see the commendations ASCI had for New Life Academy.

ASCI Commendations

Resilience in Leadership

The Governing Council and the New Life Pastor have shown great resilience and wisdom through difficulties. In the absence of a head of school, the administration, faculty, and staff have responded well to the needs. Searching for, finding, caring for, and losing a head of school has been a challenge, and it is evident that God is working through them to maintain mission-focused excellence as they evaluate and explore the best leadership structure for the ministry moving forward. It is evident the Governing Council desires to seek out the Lord in the process of finding a new leader for the school. The GC, administrative cabinet, teachers, staff, and families have humbly supported the mission of the school and each other through this recent time.

Caring Staff and Faculty

New Life Academy has teachers and staff who create a Christ-like culture of compassion, respect, and care at all grade levels. The support at the elementary level for students with varying needs displays an intentional commitment to developing the whole child. The level of student care is to be commended. The student service team at the elementary level includes reading interventionist, math interventionist, social/emotional support specialist, enrichment specialist, and school nurse.

New Life Academy’s instructional program includes a robust opportunity for students in EE-12th grade to learn the Bible as a core subject. Students actively engage in Bible instruction. New Life Academy has an exceptional Bible instructional program that places a strong emphasis on the Bible as a required core subject. This commitment to spiritual education is truly commendable, and it reflects a profound dedication to nurturing well-rounded individuals who are not only academically equipped but also spiritually grounded. The inclusion of courses such as Intro to Bible, Worldviews, Christian Thought, Capstone, and Mission of God is a testament to the school’s holistic approach to education. These classes not only provide students with a deep understanding of the Bible but also foster critical thinking, global perspectives, and a sense of purpose. The early education team has developed a grade-level Bible curriculum that includes direct instruction of the Bible, biblical activities, and integration of biblical principles. Throughout the school, students were observed to be reading and studying their Bibles in a meaningful way.

The New Life Academy staff, board, and families are mission-focused. NLA has developed a culture that supports and meets the needs of the whole child while creating a strong sense of relational community that is united in providing a faith-based learning environment. Dedicated, mission-driven members of the staff, faculty, and governing council have maintained a focused, unified vision ensuring that students are known, loved, and valued. This was evident and observed throughout NLA. Students overwhelmingly reported the support that they receive from teachers; the parents echoed that sentiment in the parent meetings. The leadership and governance teams conveyed a commitment to the students’ experiences being grounded in knowing Jesus while expanding offerings that appeal to a variety of interests and abilities. The result is a recognized, strong sense of community throughout New Life Academy.