Mrs. VanLith: New Addition to the New Life Family

By Journalism student Madelyn

New Life Academy welcomes a new hire to the third grade team, Mrs. Bridget VanLith. Mrs. VanLith is excited to use her teaching to glorify the Lord at New Life. She attended the University of Northwestern, where in addition to her studies she played tennis. She also enjoys being outside and being around people. Prior to teaching at New Life, Mrs. VanLith was in a long-term sub position at White Bear Lake.  

The first year of teaching is exciting, but also exhausting, VanLith admits. “There is a lot to juggle as a first-year teacher, especially trying to find time for lesson planning.”  

Although the job comes with lots of work, Mrs. VanLith loves working at a Christian school where she can incorporate her faith through her lessons.  

“I start the day with prayer and incorporate how God’s plan is in our lessons and everything we do,” Mrs. VanLith says. She really makes a point to let the kids know that they are known and loved every day by both her and God.  

Mateo, a student in Mrs. VanLith’s class, says, “Mrs. VanLith is very patient, fun, and kind.” Mateo enjoys the activities that he and his classmates do during the day and that they get to talk about Jesus in their lessons.  

Mrs. VanLith feels that the Christian community is much different than what she finds outside of Christian education because she is better able to work with students one-on-one.    

“In the few months that I have worked at New Life, I can already tell that this is a special place, Mrs. VanLith says. “I love that I can pray with and for my students, that I have parents praying for me, and that I can work in an encouraging Christian community. I feel so thankful that God has led me here.”