Mrs. Martinson Presents the Sounds of Christmas

By Journalism student Madelyn

New Life Academy’s upcoming Christmas concert includes songs from Morningstar, choir, and the school’s bands. Mrs. Martinson has been the music teacher at New Life for 34 years. She has also attended every single one of the choir concerts since starting at New Life.  

“The thing I love the most about the Christmas concert is hearing all the pieces come together,” Mrs. Martinson says. Choir and Morningstar start practicing their music in September, so in total, they both have about three months to learn the songs.  

“I love to see students enjoy what they’re doing,” Mrs. Martinson says. She also loves that the alumni also come back to sing with Morningstar at the concert as well. Mrs. Martinson enjoys all the songs of the concert, but says she enjoys the “Celtic Advent Carol” and “Jingle Bells” the most. 

Mrs. Martinson loves making personal connections with every student she teaches. “Loving the students is the easiest parts of teaching,” she says. 

During the middle of the choir concert, the teachers at New Life act out the Christmas story to really portray the meaning behind Christmas. “The true meaning of Christmas drips off every song that we sing for the choir concert. The songs relate to what we are supposed to do as believers during the holidays,” Mrs. Martinson says.  

The upcoming Christmas concert will take place on December 12th at 7 pm.