Mrs. Jones: The Woman Who Does Everything

by Journalism student, Parker M.

Pam Jones is in her 20th year at New Life Academy and has had a wide variety of jobs across the school. She’s found her home in the building as the Administrative Assistant to the Middle and Upper School Principal for the last number of years.

Mrs. Jones has been all over the building, from working in the former Mom’s Day Away program to her current position as an Administrative Assistant, but at the end of the day she’s loved being at New Life, no matter the job she’d been doing.

“I love the job because it never has a typical day. Every day is different, and you never know what it’s going to be like,” Mrs. Jones explains.

Any given day is different for Mrs. Jones. She could be helping anywhere and everywhere throughout the building. Whether it’s helping around Lower School and Early Ed, making sure parents who come in know what they’re doing, or helping MS/US Principal, Mr. Moseman’s day go smoother, she’s there to help.

“Mrs. Jones does a lot for me. She keeps me organized, keeps me on time for things, she keeps track of my schedule, and she makes me laugh,” says Mr. Moseman. “Her doing all of that is what keeps me sane.”

Mr. Moseman doesn’t know what he’d do without Mrs. Jones. She does exactly what he needs her to do before he even knows he needs it to be done.

“There are definitely days where it’s busier than others and it’s hard to complete tasks because there’s so many distractions, but that’s just part of the job,” says Mrs. Jones.

Since every day of work is different for Mrs. Jones, it can be challenging at times. Since anything could happen at any moment where she could be needed, it becomes difficult to get normal work done.

Many staff and students don’t know that Mrs. Jones started out her career in police departments. She worked in the three cities as a police dispatcher, as well as a secretary.

On what she loves about New Life, Mrs. Jones says, “The people for sure, the kids, the families, just everybody. It really is the whole community theme here. I love when parents come in and tell us what their kids tell them at home and how they learn about the Lord and grow in their faith.”

After many years at New Life Academy, Mrs. Jones has seen many students come and go through the school and she loves that. Getting to know students, hear their stories, and see the ways God moves in their lives.

Mrs. Jones really enjoys the community aspect of New Life. She’s grateful that she can be open about her faith and that she can pray for anyone in the building who needs it. With that, another powerful thing for her is being able to see prayer work in the lives of people and families at New Life.

Mrs. Jones says, “I really enjoy being able to pray for somebody and then openly talk about my faith, that’s something special you don’t get from many other places.”