Meet Shay Motalebi, STEAM Coordinator & Engineering Teacher, nominated for the 2019’s Woodbury Educator of the Year Award

Mrs. Shay Motalebi has taught at New Life Academy for eight years. Currently she is teaching two introductory engineering courses for grades 9-12. In addition to providing opportunities in hands-on STEAM activities for students, she also supports science teachers and students with developing student-driven Innovation Portfolios (15% IP) and coordinating Tech Forums and STEAM fair events.

“As I teach science and engineering, I love pointing out to the precisions, patterns, beauties, laws, and other natural phenomena in nature as evidence for God’s intelligence and love for us. My own personal faith grows and deepens everyday alongside my students.”

Mrs. Motalebi’s passion for science and engineering has been recognized by the community now that she’s been chosen as one of four educator finalists for Woodbury’s Teacher of the Year Award.

Mrs. Motalebi’s background training in laboratory science research has prepared her to teach classes where inquiry, critical thinking, and problem-solving opportunities are woven into the curriculum. “I strongly believe in experiential learning and application of science and engineering to real life. Students find these methods challenging, yet engaging and relevant to their own experience. I enjoy life-long learning and using technology and lab equipment as much as my students do.”

Mrs. Motalebi hopes her students will learn from her that making mistakes is an essential part of success in life. “We can’t grow in skills and knowledge without failure along the way. Determination and perseverance are the building blocks of success when you allow God to lead your path.”