Marie was inspired to take her learning outside of the classroom

Marie, Class of 2025, was inspired to take her learning outside of the classroom when she solved a problem her sister was having. Marie participates in problem-based learning (PBL) during her enrichment class.

She was challenged to explore a problem that she was experiencing or that she saw in the world around her. It didn’t take long for Marie to identify what problem she wanted to solve. Her sister has Primary Immunodeficiency, which causes her spend many hours in the clinic for treatment. It was during one medical visit in particular that Marie had an idea.

Watch her My New Life Story to learn more about how Marie is solving real world problems through PBL.  Problem or project-based learning (PBL) gives children an opportunity to be creative, independent, collaborative, and problem solvers. New Life Academy engages children at all grades in project-based learning, either through the classroom or through our STEAM (STEM) and Innovation initiatives. It is one way we believe in preparing students to be future-ready. With technology advancing and changing the workplace as we know it, developing creative problem-solvers is preparing students to be ready for jobs that haven’t been created yet.

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