I have my dream job – teaching middle school and science are my two favorite things

Emily Streeter began teaching at New Life Academy in August. Get to know one of our newer teachers! 

Formerly, Mrs. Streeter has taught in both private and public schools. She teaches 7-8 grade science at NLA, which includes life science and earth science.  

Building relationships with kids is the most important part of my job,” said Emily. “No day is ever the same. The kids make it so interesting, and I love the challenge of coming up with different ways to teach kids because all kids learn differently. 

creating relationships with students is my favorite part of teaching

Being at a Christian school, Emily can incorporate faith in every aspect of science and what she teaches. Working previously at a public school, she found it difficult not being able to incorporate faith and Christianity into the science she was teaching.  

Emily is also grateful for the opportunity to phrase different topics and theories in the scope of Christian education. “We were just talking about Earth’s position to the sun. If we were any closer or further from the sun, we probably wouldn’t even be in existence,” said Emily. “The probability of Earth’s placement being random is so small that it has to be because of a greater power, which we know is because of God and His creation.  

teaching science new life academy

Getting to see what her students are interested in and encouraging them to solve problems allows Emily the opportunity to get to know her student better. Going to plays that her students are in or going to their basketball games is one way that she loves seeing students outside of the classroom and seeing their individuality and interests.  

She wants her students to know that science can be fun and it’s important. We wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for science. We’re learning about life, and what goes on every day in our bodies to keep us alive, and the things happening in our world,” said Emily. “I get to talk to my students about how we interact with all the things God has created and impact those thingsIt’s relevant today in the news, and we see it every day in our world. 

Emily also loves teaching hands-on units. Students recently studied earthquakes and the engineering and architecture of buildings in cities like San FranciscoSeventh and eighth grade students used what they learned to construct their own earthquake-resistant building. They saw how engineering plays a role in the real world, get to experience it for themselves, and do something to solve a problem.   

Emily loves coming to work and being able to be herself in this community at New LifeShe finds having close relationships with other teachers and parents to be so rewarding. “It’s really powerful to be surrounded by people who have similar values as you,” said Emily. “I am so grateful for this opportunity to be here at New Life. I know some people would say I’m crazy, but this is my dream job. I really love middle school, and these are my two favorite subjects to teach.”  

The community is definitely something that sets New Life apart. We have a lot of pride in our schoola lot of school spirit,” laughed Emily. “It’s a great place to be.”