Engaging in Learning & Discovering Possibilities

Mrs. Pamela Bravo has been teaching at New Life Academy for 16 years. She spent nine years teaching fourth grade and eventually moved into teaching third grade. 

“I never, ever regret having to get up in the morning and come to work,” says Mrs. Bravo about being a teacher. “Sometimes I wish we could stay here overnight. We just have so many fun things to do.” Prior to coming to New Life, Mrs. Bravo spent five years as a Para Educator and Reading Specialist before she saw a teaching position advertised in the church bulletin at New Life Church.  

Mrs. Bravo loves the age group she teaches because “they’re still at that stage where they want a relationship with adults but are also gaining more responsibility.” Each year, she works hard to get to know her students because their likes and dislikes can impact what and how she teaches. “We’re still guided by the standards for what’s being covered for third graders throughout the United States, but I do like getting a feel for what my students like,” said Mrs. Bravo. 

This differentiated form of instruction is what has allowed Mrs. Bravo to engage her students in their learning. For their current arctic animals research project, Mrs. Bravo is giving her students the freedom to hand write or type out their project. Third grade is a big year of growth academically as students are given letter grades for the first time, given an email address, and are figuring out how to create documents on Microsoft One Drive. “I think my students kind of stun themselves sometimes with what they can do,” said Mrs. Bravo. She loves watching them discover more possibilities.  

differentiated instruction engages students in learning and discovering possibilities at New Life

Mrs. Bravo is also passionate about nurturing the love of God in her students. “What more could you want for your students than for them to love the Lord? For them to take the stories we teach personally and apply that into their lives,” said Mrs. Bravo. It’s exciting to see her students applying their faith at such a young age. Here at New Life Academy, we’re so grateful to have teachers like Mrs. Bravo, and we know it’s the people that make all the difference. 

Teachers are a critical part of academic success. If you would like to explore enrolling at New Life Academy where teachers are passionate about their work, approach teaching from a student-centered perspective, schedule a visit by clicking here.