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Learning Excursions

Experiential learning opportunities and excursions provide student growth outside the classroom.

At New Life Academy, we value giving our students a chance to see how God is moving on a larger scale. It’s why we integrate class experiential opportunities and learning excursions into our curriculum and spiritual development plan. While the classroom is irreplaceable, some of the most important lessons happen in real life, in the world around us.


Students in our early childhood through middle school are engaged in experiential learning outside the classroom. Students will explore and learn topics outside the classroom, reinforcing and expanding on what has been learning inside the classroom. It’s about bringing the classroom to life in natural settings.

Experiential learning opportunties
Local learning excursions support student growth outside the classroom


Starting in 6th grade, students will begin multi-day learning excursions that include team-building activities, small group discussions and exploring God’s creation outdoors. These excursions provide an extended time of Christ-focused character building and community where students can deepen their relationship with the Lord, their teachers and classmates.

Local Excursions include:

  • 6th Grade Camp Forest Springs 3-Day Excursion in WI
  • Sophomore 3-Day Learning Excursion to Living Waters Bible Camp in WI
  • 11th Grade 5-day Service Leadership Experience in MN
  • Senior Retreat – 2-Day Leadership Excursion


These excursions are both educational and missional in nature. These excursions bring learning in select topics to life and open up doors to experience different cultures, broaden their perspectives, learn about historical events and serve people in other countries.

Distant and Global Excursions include:

  • 7th and 8th Grade Washington DC Excursion
  •  Costa Rica Spanish Missions Trip (for students in Spanish III or CIS)
  • 11th Grade International Missions Excursion
  • Europe Excursion for 10th-12th Graders
Global learning excursions promote student growth outside the classroom

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