Be the Light

Kerri Kent began working at New Life Academy in 2009 as a substitute teacher and eventually moved into teaching 3rd grade. After taking time away while her children were young, Kerri returned to New Life Academy and is now teaching Preschool Prep where she loves teaching two and three-year-olds!  

“I never thought I’d be working with Early Ed, but now I love it,” said Kerri. “It was definitely God, I would not have chosen it on my own. I can honestly say it brings me so much joy every single day,” said Kerri. “Not every day is perfect, you know that if you’re around kids every day, but the joy and love that is in this room and in the whole school, you know that God is in this place.”  

Kerri truly believes that God has a purpose for her at New Life. “The reason I come to work each day is this is my mission, this is what God has for me,” said Kerri. “Beyond loving kids, we’re also planting seeds. Any time that kids are spending here, they’re learning about God and Jesus and being surrounded in a loving, Christian environment.” 

While singing This Little Light of Mine with her students, she was struck with the comparison. She has the opportunity to be the light to her students. “It’s important that they see Jesus in me, but it’s equally important that they can be that light too and that they can understand who Jesus is and make a decision to follow him,” said Kerri.   

“It makes the entire difference in everything and your whole outlook, knowing that you get to make a difference in kids’ lives too and not just academically, emotionally, and physically, but spiritually as well. I want my students to know that they are loved and they are safe here – that ‘my teacher is for me and Jesus loves me’.” said Kerri. “This is why I come every day. It’s a blessing to be able to work here.”