An unexpected opportunity

A teaching career inspired by a mission trip.

Kaitlin Skeie (pronounced “Shay-a”) thought she would grow up and become a veterinarian because she loves animals. That was until she went on a high school mission trip and got the chance to work with kids. “I absolutely loved it. I was energized every day from the experience, even though we were waking up at the crack of dawn and were staying up late,” Ms. Skeie reflects. This trip was one of the first times she started thinking maybe God had a different plan for her life.  

Going on to get her degree in elementary education, she began her first teaching job last year as a Pre-K teacher at New Life Academy. “The whole summer before I started at New Life, I was looking for a job and not getting anything or hearing back,” said Ms. Skeie. “I learned about an opening at New Life and within a week [of applying] I had the job.” She recalls having peace and assurance knowing that this was where she was supposed to be and where God had called her.  

Now this year, Ms. Skeie has the opportunity to teach Kindergarteners. She has been enjoying her students’ excitement to learn and their curiosity about the world around them. This enthusiasm is what energizes her as a teacher. “If I had a hard night or I didn’t get enough sleep, seeing the kids come in here with smiles on their faces ready to go, is the best way to start the day.” 

teaching Kindergarten at New Life Academy

Ms. Skeie is so thankful for the chance to incorporate the Bible into her teaching. “I always want my students to know that this is a place that we can learn about God because it’s the most important thing and everything else comes after that.” Ms. Skeie realizes that it’s not guaranteed all of her students will remain in private Christian school their whole lives, so she knows teaching them about God at an early age helps build an important foundation. 

Ms. Skeie is thankful and excited to be back in school. She’s continually searching for fun opportunities for her students to learn something new. One of the things Ms. Skeie is looking forward to is watching her students grow in confidence and discovering they know more than they think. Even though this isn’t the path she originally had in mind, she knows that this is where God has brought her and is thankful for His hand in her life.