Alysha Donohoo: Never Lose Your Wonder

Wide-eyed and mystified. May we be just like a child. Staring at the beauty of the King. May we never lose our wonder. -Bethel Music

New Life Academy’s early education program is deeply loved and valued by our community. This positive response is largely due to the incredible teachers who love the students each day and invest time in their development. Alysha Donohoo is one of these teachers!

She shared a story about one of the special moments she had with her students earlier this year.

“We did a unit on melting in January and made predictions about whether snow or ice would melt first. I brought ice cubes and snow into our classroom sensory table. The students were so excited to watch the melting process throughout the day. Seeing their excitement and shock about ice melting, a process I take for granted, reminded me to appreciate all the small wonders of God’s creation.”

It is a blessing to be able to watch the fascination and curiosity of kids at such a young age. “I love the wonder and excitement of Pre-K. The students come into the classroom with enthusiasm each day, and their joy makes our learning exciting,” Ms. Donohoo shared.

Ms. Donohoo joined our team in August of 2021. Her brother attended New Life which gave her an opportunity to witness the Christ-centered community. “I prayed for a teaching opportunity where I could intentionally share my faith with my students,” she shared, “When I was applying for jobs, I was thrilled to find that New Life was hiring!”

A Christian education has the unique ability to impact not only minds, but hearts as well. “It ensures that every aspect of learning is intentionally filled with a perspective fixed on Christ,” Ms. Donohoo shared.

Being able to be a light and build that Christian foundation for students is a blessing. “Watching the Lord touch their hearts and deepen their love for Him and each other inspires my own faith,” she explained.

We love to see the way the Lord uses teachers like Miss Donohoo and how He inspires His children to be in awe of Him. May we never lose our wonder!