5 Reasons Why Families Choose a Christian Education at NLA

We understand the pressures of choosing a school. In their most formative years, Christian education is one of the most important things you can provide for your child. At New Life Academy, we seek to partner with parents to make this choice easier. There are many reasons why our families continue to choose Christian education at NLA. Here are some of their most important ones:

Positive Influence of Teachers

The time spent in the classroom shapes who your student becomes not only academically, but through the influences of those around them socially, emotionally, and spiritually. Our teachers at NLA are one of the best parts about the school. Their commitment to the development of their students creates an atmosphere of growth, encouragement, and love. Our teachers model authenticity and dedication while cultivating Christ-centered environments. The relationships formed between students and their teachers are one of the reasons NLA stands out amongst so many options.  

Integration of Biblical Principles

In a world of conflicting values and social pressures, preparing students with a Christian education is a responsibility that we value highly. We know the importance of teaching students Biblical truth and how to become more Christ-like. This is central to who we are as a school. We integrate Biblical principles through all stages of academic development from Early Ed through graduation. Our Biblical worldview has an impact beyond the classroom, including athletics, fine arts, events, activities, and more. While we are not immune to the world’s problems, as a Christian school, we are equipped to handle these issues with grace and truth through the Holy Spirit and the Word of God.

Effective Commitment to Academics

As a school, educating students remains central to our purpose. From preschool prep to grade 12, students are equipped with the resources to excel. Our Early Ed programming ignites our littlest minds with a love for learning. Lower School curriculum helps grow and shape our students in environments where they can thrive. Middle School classes help students to develop strong habits and try new things. Upper School classes help to increase knowledge and problem-solving skills and prepare students for the future. Differentiated learning and the implementation of new teaching practices help to support our students where they are at. Enrichment programs and advanced classes provide students with additional academic opportunities to foster their joy for learning. Our commitment to strong academics creates spaces where students can flourish.

Opportunities to Find Passions and Talents

Student interest and community engagement help us to continue to offer students new opportunities. Our students are well equipped to discover their passions through sports, drama productions, clubs, volunteer opportunities, elective classes, and more. We are always excited to see students try new things from joining Academy Worship (our Upper School chapel band) to running for Student Council (for Lower, Middle, and Upper School) or trying a new sport or theater production. The list is goes on and grows every year! Attending a smaller school offers students the opportunity to try as many things as they want to find their passion. These opportunities help to build community around shared interests.

Small Class Sizes

Another benefit of choosing NLA is the small classes that allow for intentional teacher-student relationships. Our class sizes help to reinforce the desire to make every student feel known and valued. Students at NLA are excited to learn! Our classroom environments favor interactive learning and strive to diversify learning techniques to best suit the needs of our students. Smaller class sizes allow more flexibility in our classroom spaces, encouraging creativity and innovation.

We are so blessed to fulfill our community’s need for Christian education. As we continue to grow, we look forward to increasing the value NLA provides its students and families.