NLA students travel to Swaziland for summer missions

Mark 16:15 “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation.” This summer a number of New Life Academy students went to different parts of the world to serve God and his people. These students have incredible stories and memories that they have made on their trips. God worked through them and their team to reach his people in so many different ways.

Julia Borner and Lauren Schumacher had the opportunity to travel across the world to Swaziland, Africa this summer with a River Valley youth team. They were each asked a couple of questions about their experience. When Julia was asked what the most memorable part of the trip was she answered, “One of the best parts about my trip to Africa was being able to play and dance with so many children, sing worship songs with them, giving and getting endless hugs, seeing their beautiful smiles, shining the light of Jesus, and helping serve them food that is most likely the only meal they will get that day. It humbles your heart in so many ways, and just shows you that even though they have nothing physically, they have so much joy because they have Jesus.” Lauren was asked the same question and she said, ” Being able to show homeless, broken, and starving kids the love of Jesus was hands-down the most memorable part of the trip.” They were also asked what the hardest part of the trip was. Lauren replied, “The hardest part of the trip was having to say goodbye to all the kids.” Julia told us, “The hardest part for me was definitely coming home. You leave so much of your heart there, and just want to be back with all the little kids that changed your mindset on life. It is one of those things that you never want to end, and when you have returned home it feels like it was a dream. ” These trips have clearly impacted their lives in a very positive way. Mission trips are such a neat opportunity to share about God’s love to those who need to hear it but don’t have the resources and access to hearing about it as often as we are blessed to.

Article contributed by Julia S, a New Life Academy student