Mateo is thriving in school – but it wasn’t always that way.

Mateo attended New Life for kindergarten but transferred to public school in first grade. From the beginning Mateo struggled with being bullied both on the bus and in the classroom. By November Mateo was in tears every day and was not thriving at school. He did not feel safe and was in constant fear of someone being mean and bullying him.

His experience was anything but good. He did not feel safe and did not want to go to school. In an effort to salvage his love for learning, his mother transferred him back to New Life Academy.

Mateo was welcomed back with open arms to New Life after Thanksgiving break. His friends were excited to see him and it was as if no time had passed. Mateo quickly became excited for school each day. He jumped right in, is learning, and thriving in school. Mateo is comfortable, feels safe and cared for, and does not ever want to leave New Life again.

Mateo feels safe with friends and teachers who care about him

Mateo’s mother originally left New Life because of the tuition and figured that public school was already paid for through taxes. She quickly learned that the environment, large class sizes, lack of  value-based teaching lead to an experience that was not desirable. For her, the investment in her child’s education became something she wasn’t willing to over look. Thanks to Variable Tuition and the generous donors who make it possible for any families to access Christian education, Mateo would not have been able to return.

“We are blessed to be a part of the New Life community and We thank the Lord for New Life’ says Mateo’s mother.

Many young children have this same experience. Being part of a community with shared values, higher expectations, and character education leads to a more respectful learning environment. Mateo would say New Life Academy is a Great Place to Belong. It’s a Great Place To Be.

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