Environment and Agriculture

Teachers and students brainstormed ideas related to using, modifying, preserving natural resources responsibly and ways to meet humanitarian needs.  The following is a list of ideas generated at this session:

  • Water filtration and testing to produce high quality clean water
  • Solar water distillation – converting saltwater to freshwater at lower energy cost
  • Build a Greenhouse at NLA to produce fruits and vegetables outdoors in the winter
  • Build an indoor wall-garden, producing fruits and vegetables for students to snack on
  • Composting at NLA to covert cafeteria trash into edible plants
  • Compare plants growing in soil with hydroponics methods
  • Growing plants in space
  • Form an Environmental Club at NLA
  • Better preparation and rescue ideas during natural disasters, such as hurricanes, tornadoes and tsunamis
  • Building and testing earthquake proof buildings, building a shake table for testing
  • Studying pond water ecosystem using microscopes in the biology lab
  • Invent natural, safe alternatives to pesticides
  • Recycle paper to make various types of products
  • Study the effects of erosion and plants that help prevent erosion

Resources available at New Life

  • Potted plants in Mrs. Tschanz’s classroom
  • Water testing kit– See Mr. Nelson
  • Waders and nets to explore the pond – See Mr. Nelson
  • Solar water distillation kit and materials – See Mrs. Motalebi
  • Soil testing kit – See Mr. Nelson or Mrs. Motalebi
  • Erosion table/tray – See Mr. Nelson or Mrs. Motalebi
  • Microscopes and slides – See Mr. Nelson