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We are building more than programs, we are building greater lives.

People are often compelled to consider “the good life” as life’s ultimate goal. At New Life Academy, we want to introduce our families to something beyond that… to something greater. The greater life is one that leads in character, thought and innovation. It is a life that moves abstract concepts to practical wisdom; one that pursues God’s best in everything. It awakens the students to something higher than their surroundings. It is a call to both greatness and humility.

That’s why at New Life Academy, we are building more than programs, classrooms and curriculum. We are building a community that is not only actively engaged in learning, but in serving others. We are building people who desire the greater life.


Service-based learning is designed to change students from the inside out. Service projects and mission trips change everyone, those serving and those served. At New Life, we give our students opportunities to engage in service through on-site collection events, local service events or multi-day missions trips. Students at all ages develop a heart and compassion for others in need. These opportunities grow our students in faith.

Project serve and service based learning


Experiential learning experiences and excursions allow students to grow in new ways. Though the classroom is irreplaceable, we believe that some of the most important lessons we learn happen in real life, in the world around us. We value offering our students a chance to see how God is moving on a larger scale so we integrate class learning excursions and experiential events into our faith development plan.

Chapel at New Life Academy - spiritual development


Our brains most crucial development occurs during the first 18 years of life, shaping our core values and beliefs for the rest of our lives. At New Life Academy, we take culture, environment and relationships just as seriously as academics. Our weekly chapel and community groups are purposeful in developing strong peer relationships, positive character traits and deepening our relationship with Christ.

community groups for character development and positive peer relationships

Take the next step to fostering a greater life for your child.

We partner with you for the long term, not only developing students academically, but also in character and faith. They are educated in an environment that encourages them to think beyond themselves and to serve others.