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Boys Basketball

Boy Basketball

Varsity | Junior Varsity | C team | Middle School

Team History

Boys basketball started in 1981 and has earned 5 Championship titles as well as participating in 2 state tournaments. The last two seasons, the NLA Boys eagles basketball team won the conference tournament championship.

2018-19 Varsity Standings:

Conference 6-8-0 | Overall Record 11-16-0

Varsity Head Coach:
Kory Keikhoefer

Class AA
Section 4

Athletic Director:

Jed Moseman
Athletic Director

Trophy Case

2017-18 Section 4AA 2nd Place

2016-17 Conference Tournament Champions

2015-16 Conference Tournament Champions

2003-04 Conference Tournament Champions

1990-91 Co-conference Champions

1985-86 Season & Tournament Champions

1985-86 Conference & Conference Tournament Champions


Notable Mentions

2003-04 State Participants

2002-03 State Tournament Appearance

Total All Conference First Team Players: 46

Total Second Team Players: 20

Total Honorable Mentions: 23

Drew Wynia ’18 Bethel University

Kyle Kaemingk ’17 Northwestern College Iowa

Jaxson Kavanagh ’17 North Central University

Brad Goulet ’16 Dakota County

Conrad Engstrom ’15 Bethel University

Alex Busch ’14 Bethel University

Kory Kiekhoefer ’10 University of Northwestern St Paul

Robbie Anderstrom ’09 University of Northwestern St Paul

Max Banchy ’08 New Orleans

Mark Mann ’06 Bethel University

Max Holmgren ’06 Bethel University

Mike Anderstrom ’04 University of Northwestern St Paul

Kyle Strom ’00  Crossroads College

Jeff St.Cyr ’91  Crown

Steve Dunn ’87 University of Northwestern St Paul

Eric Quam ’87  Pensacola Christian

Jim Weiberg ’86  Inver Hills









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