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Singing in the Rain

New Life Academy Theatre presents Singin' in the Rain

Singin’ in the Rain “pours” down delight, capturing the waning days of the silent screen era as they give way to new-fangled “talkies.” With The Jazz Singer premiere making Hollywood frantic, the studios are forced to suddenly change all the movie-making rules at once, to accommodate sound. In doing so, they leave silent pictures — and some of their stars — behind. When Monumental Studios turns silent The Dueling Cavalier into The Dancing Cavalier, a musical picture, in order to stay relevant, they are faced with a problem: their star, Lina Lamont can’t sing, and can’t even really talk. Lina’s voice sounds something like nails on a chalkboard. Enter Kathy Selden, an aspiring actress whose dulcet tones are able to cover Lina Lamont’s — calling into question what it means to act, how credit is distributed, and what it means to get a fair shake in the movie business. Singin’ in the Rain includes some of the best-loved comedy routines, dance numbers, and love songs ever written, including “Good Mornin’,” “Make ‘em Laugh,” and – of course – the show-stopping dance number, “Singin’ in the Rain.


Singin' in the Rain Cast

Not pictured:
Emmet Atkinson as Young Don
Charlie Van Wyk as Young Cosmo

Full Ensemble (singers/dancers)

Amy Burroughs – Audience Member 3
Jackson Gilles – Sid Phillips
Emily Kaltenbach – Pedestrian 1
Abby Kelly – Fan 1
Kaitlyn Meyer – Another person
Tori Moorman –  Hairdresser
Chase Swenson – Butler, Male Diction Teacher
Julia Borner – Wardrobe Mistress
Gretta Nathe
Siri Nicol –  Girl
Anna Russell – Woman page 58
Olivia Thomas – Voice from balcony
Alex Borner – Policeman
Aiden Cremeans – Another man
Will Hamill – Sound Engineer, Audience member 2
Lauren Meyer
Dray Schrader – Villian
Elaina Carsten
Tea Doherty – Fan 2
Lucas Ellingson – 1st Assistant, Audience member 1
Molly Hunt – Another woman
Emma Lombardo
Jacob Maynard – 2nd Assistant, Man with her
Elijah Reitz – 2nd Workman, Voice of a man
Zach Ross – Man on screen, 3rd Assistant
Charlie Tichy –  1st Workman

Show times

November 3-5 and 10-12, 2017

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