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15% Innovation Portfolio

Our children are the future.

Today’s youth, Gen Z, are already one of the largest generational segments at more than a quarter of America’s population. What will they do in their lifetimes? Innately, our children aspire to change the world, to be entrepreneurs and inventors. With aspirations like these, our children simply need the encouragement and resources to make big dreams reality.

They aspire to change the world.

This is why New Life Academy introduced the 15% Innovation Portfolio (15% IP). Students in Grades 6-12 spend 15% of their science track in creative time outside structured classroom lessons to pursue ideas and passions in one of three S.T.E.A.M. areas: Science, Engineering and Coding.

15% IP is modeled after 3M’s successful 15% rule whereby employees spend time on an idea they are passionate about and didn’t have time to explore during the workday. The concept has been picked up by some of the most successful companies in the world, including Google and Apple. This is the environment your student will compete in someday. Will they be ready?

15 percent innovation portfolio at new life academy
innovate at New Life Academy

Awesome happens outside the classroom.

NLA students are taught more than just facts and figures; they are engaged in learning. Every classroom on campus is an incubator for capturing knowledge, applying it, and working to develop and understanding of the subject matter. Outside the classroom, through the 15% IP program, we inspire our students to take that knowledge, dream big, have self-confidence, and find ways to change the world. We know that during this time, our students will do awesome things.

Take the next step to prepare them for the future they want.

Always minded toward paving the way for a brighter future for our students, the 15% IP Program will prepare your child for higher levels of academia and the competitive business environment. They will graduate from New Life Academy with a collection of accomplishments (their innovation portfolio) and a spirit of determination, creativity, entrepreneurship and innovation.

That’s College and Career Ready