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Patty Wiens Media Center

A place where you will find information, innovation and collaboration.

The Patty Wiens Media Center is more than a place to find information, research and study. It’s a place for collaboration, innovation, media production, and exploring in makerspaces.

The media center is outfitted with a recording studio, including cameras, recording equipment, green screens, lighting and microphones as we all the Makerspace center with computers, Apple TV’s, animation equipment, 3D scanner and printer, coding equipment, circuitry, and computers. STEAM classes for students in K-8th grade happen in the media center where students have full access to the Makerspace center and recording studio.


Makerspaces, designed to encourage creativity, learning and exploration, allow students to learn in collaborative and innovative environments as they engage in hands-on activities. Our makerspace center is outfitted with sewing machines, circuitry sets, robotics equipment, e-textiles, and a 3D printer and scanner. It’s exciting to see students get involved in pursuing projects they are passionate about and developing troublingshooting and problem-solving skills along the way.

Makerspace center at New Life Academy
Recording studio at New Life Academy


Students who wish to express their creativity on the big screen can explore making movies in a full recording studio with green screen, cameras, digital recording equipment, lighting and microphones. Students learn how to plan, write, produce, film, record and edit their full productions. It’s a place for where exploration and wonder are captured digitally.


Books and digital resources abound in the media center. Our media specialist will work with students and consult on research projects, encourage reading, and teach students how to navigate through a variety of resources. The media center provides instruction to our younger learners on digital citizenship and working with digital tools such as email, web searches and powerpoint.

Media center for information, research and digital research resources at New Life Academy

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