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Academic Support

Supporting the unique differences of each student and providing learning opportunities for them to thrive.

No two students are the same spiritually, genetically, emotionally, physically or intellectually. Students learn differently, have different interests and ideas. To this end, New Life Academy has a Support Services Resource Department that supports students and their families while providing appropriate learning opportunities.

Educational Support

Our teachers strive to differentiate and personalize each classroom so that all students rise no matter what level they are at. For those who need additional assistance, our Intervention Coordinator will work with students to provide in-house support when possible. Some students are bussed to other schools for services not provided at NLA, while some students receive private therapies after school.

Gifted and Talented

Enrichment classes cover a variety of topics throughout the year. Second through eighth grade students are determined through CogAT scores, MAP scores and teacher recommendations for the enrichment program. During this program, students will typically spend one month on a unit of study in addition to two problem-based projects per year. The enrichment class is a self-motivated learning classroom where students decide on their own learning projects, research and design the projects and present the projects. As students are working on their projects, it raises more questions in their mind and excites them for learning.

Take the next step to prepare and equip your child for success.

Always minded towards paving the way for a brighter future for our students, our academic program will challenge, equip and empower your student in a nurturing environment.