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About NLA

Decades of faith-filled tradition. The pursuit of continuous innovation. Passionate believers in education.

New Life Academy introduces students to a greater life…one that leads in character, thought and innovation. One that moves abstract concepts to practical wisdom and pursues God’s best in everything…that awakens to something beyond their expectations. It is a call to greatness…and to a lifestyle of humility. This is New Life…. the greater life.

Our distinctives


With a curriculum shaped by God’s Word, instructors teach students to analyze everything through a Biblical lens. Rather than sheltering our students from views different from their own, NLA teachers show students how to engage with these perspectives Biblically.


Faith isn’t a separate entity reserved for Chapel and Bible class – at New Life Academy, our faith is part of every interaction, every day, giving students real-life examples and opportunities to live out the Christian faith.


Choosing a Christian school doesn’t mean compromising academically. In fact, our faith inspires a higher level of excellence. Every course challenges and inspires students to live ethically, think critically and love generously. Our culture of discovery encourages students to think beyond the walls of the classroom and prepares them for college and beyond.


Team-building, leadership development, humble and gracious attitudes in win and losses alike define New Life Academy’s athletic program. The core of our program is not only to develop in skill but to strengthen the heart and character of the student on and off the field.


Our fine arts program encourages students to express themselves creatively on canvas or on stage. From visual arts to music arts and performing arts, students develop self-confidence through the a variety of fine arts opportunities.


A family of Christ-followers seeking His Kingdom together, our community offers students dynamic, formative relationships to awaken a deeper love for the Lord.

Take the next step to prepare and equip your child for success.

Always minded towards paving the way for a brighter future for our students, our academic program will challenge, equip and empower your student in a nurturing environment.