6th and 9th Grade Physical Science Teacher

6th and 9th Grade Physical Science Teacher

New Life Academy, a non-profit Christian school, has an amazing opportunity for an experienced Physical Science Teacher.  New Life Church was formed in 1977 and shortly after New Life Academy (NLA) was born and today has become a Christian school enrolling more than 700 students of diverse backgrounds in grades preschool through twelve.   NLA offers its families a complete educational experience as the largest non-denominational Christian School in the east metro area.  All grades are located on one campus in Woodbury, MN a suburb of the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul.

Today, NLA’s mission is to educate and energize each student to impact their world for Jesus Christ and to reach their full potential in scholarship, leadership and service out of love for God and one another by:

  • Preparing each student for college and careers compatible with the individual’s needs, interests, and abilities.
  • Helping develop each student’s unique talents and potential to excel by nurturing independence and self-worth.
  • Instilling in each student a Christian world view.

The secondary teacher is responsible for creating a dynamic and interactive learning environment that encourages next generation learning. This quality teacher regards spiritual maturity, academic success, and social growth as avenues of learning within the classroom. He/she will proactively communicate with parents and families to ensure partnership in student learning. Collaboration among teachers, administrators, and parents is a high priority and conducted routinely.


Essential job responsibilities include but are not limited to:

Create a school and classroom culture that supports positive interaction with parents, students, staff and visitors.

  • Teaches classroom routines and leads with a gospel-centered approach to develop students into Christ-like examples of scholarship, leadership, and service.
  • Maintain student relationships that are strong and healthy while providing support for students as needed.
  • Initiates a partnership with parents and students to build strong relationships by providing ongoing communication with parents to establish trust.

Lead with clear purpose

  • Complete lesson plans referencing standards and objectives that are measured daily and generate creative lessons with student friendly learning targets while also offering lessons based on student understanding.
  • Disciples students to grow into disciple makers.
  • Applies Biblical permeation in all lessons.
  • Routinely uses formative assessment to check student understanding before, during, and after each lesson.


  • Instructs using the gradual release model for quality instructionwhile consistently engaging students through interactive lessons.
  • Make learning relevant to students and transfer learning responsibility to student while also understanding individual needs in learning.
  • Encourages collaborative learning, offering feedback to students.


  • Bachelor’s degree in education.
  • 2-3 years of experience related to 21st century learning concepts and integration of technology into the classroom.
  • Strong oral and written communication skills.
  • Knowledge of Christian K-12 education distinctive.
  • Required ACSI certificate, or ability to obtain one within one year.
  • Can effectively integrate the gospel-centered message into day-to-day responsibilities effectively. Has a strong reputation exemplified by passion and consistency that students want to emulate and parents respect. Proactively seeks ways to improve how the school presents itself from a Christian perspective.


Please complete a New Life Academy Teacher Application on the lower right side of the following link: https://www.newlifeacademy.org/about-nla/careers/.  The completed application and your resume and can be sent to debmcgahey@newlifeacademy.org.